28 novembre 2007

Back on work - Explosion

Hello...So... Since my little break, I've been working non stop...My exhibition is now over, so I come back to my graphic novel..This panel is called the explosion:I first did a sketch (A2 size) Then, i used a light table and redraw everything... (Nowadays I usually ink directly on my sketch, but I like it too much to erase it..)...Then I started to ink it. As it's supposed to be an explosion, I started by the middle... then I spread the explosion all around.As you may notice, or not, I used a circular composition. This fits more... [Lire la suite]
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21 novembre 2007

Greve SNCF Strike

Because their fight is also ours... Parceque leur combat est aussi le notre...CouRage
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06 novembre 2007


Petites vacances a Berlin....Les dernieres nouvelles ont ete donnees sur le blog expobrut..A bientot... Little holydays in BerlinThe latest news were shown on the expobrut blog..See you soon...
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